Through art, I learn to embrace our absurd human condition.

My work explores the constant paradoxes we face as part of the great paradox of life. Light-heartedness and emptiness, the fantastical and the quotidian, absurdity and enlightenment all interact in my art.

Through art, I see the world with beginner’s eyes, live every day like it’s my first, stand in wonder at the mundane.

My visual art highlights text and marbling. My writings often examine the meaninglessness of language. Blurring the lines of logic allows room for a level of understanding beyond the intellect, poetry like a Zen koan, “extra-sensical” rather than nonsensical. Marbling allows me to incorporate the unknown and loss of control into my process, allowing the beautiful unexpected to emerge.

Through art, I create experiences of surprise, of curiosity, of the uncertainty that triggers awareness.

I am a visual artist, poet, and bookmaker. My handheld art includes The Absurd Questionnaire, a game of bizarre questions, and An Eclection: A Handmade Book of Poems. At my Poetry Stand, I write customized, spontaneous poems for strangers, using intuition and stream-of-consciousness to craft small morsels of insight.

Though externally whimsical, the underbelly of my art is deeply philosophical. Death, transience, interconnectedness, and the necessity of being present all influence my work. Bright colors belie intense questioning.

Through art, I rebel, using playfulness to subvert dogma.